WSB-9452S-R40 | Embedded Cpu Boards
  • WSB-9452S-R40 | Embedded Cpu Boards


iEi WSB-9452S-R40 Full Size PICMG 1.0 CPU Board | Intel Core 2 Duo 533/667 MHz processor, VGA/LVDS/HDTV, Dual PCIe GbE,4 x SATA.

 1. PICMG 1.0 and RoHS compliant

 2. Socket M Intel Core2 Duo, Core Duo, Core Solo and Celeron M mobile 

processors with a 533 MHz or 667 MHz FSB

 3. Four 240-pin 1 GB (max.) 667/533/400 MHaz dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM DIMM 

supported (system max. 4 GB)

 4. Two PCIe GbE controllers

 5. IEI One Key Recovery solution allows you to create rapid OS backup and recovery