28251 | Embedded Cpu Boards
  • 28251 | Embedded Cpu Boards


Kontron 28251 CP6000 PICMG 2.16 Embedded CPU Board | w/Pentium M 1.8GHz Processor | 2xGigEthernet FP, 2xGigEthernet, PICMG2.16/RIO, IPMI,J1/J2/J3

6U Pentium M PICMG 2.16 CPU Blade

» Maximum Performance

Intel® 1.8GHz Pentium M processor 745

» Minimum Power Consumption

Intel 1.4GHz Pentium M LV processor 738 with 10W

» Optimized Price/Performance Ratio

Compact design due to 855GME and latest Intel® I/O controller hub technology


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