TML 92-506490-XXX | Embedded Cpu Boards
  • TML 92-506490-XXX | Embedded Cpu Boards


Trenton TML 92-506490-XXX Full Size Embedded CPU Board | Intel Core 2 Duo | Intel Core Duo | Intel Core Solo | Intel Celeron M microprocessor.

The TML (6490-xxx) is a full-featured system host board (SHB) which features an 

Intel Core 2 Duo, Intel Core Duo, Intel Core Solo or Intel Celeron M microprocessor, a 533MHz or 667MHz system bus, video interface, support for 4GB DDR2 

memory, PCI Express bus, cache memory, an Ultra ATA/100 EIDE interface, dual 

Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, four Serial ATA ports, support for up to eight USB ports and 

a speaker port. This single-slot high performance SHB plugs into PICMG 1.3 

backplanes and provides full PC compatibility for the system expansion slots.